Bank Millennium

The long-term cooperation with Bank Millennium enabled the company to get to know the banking sector and the applied standards. For this client, there are still ongoing projects enhanced with additional contracts.

Projects executed in cooperation with Asseco Data Systems SA.:

  • Service agreement – the service includes IT support for two Bank’s HQs in the scope of desktops, notebooks, smartphones, Cisco IP telephony and servers. In addition, we support approximately 400 branches remotely by solving problems with applications (including banking).
  • CHBS – another service is based on the repair of cashier’s safes installed in the customer’s branches. Our company service supports about 400 branches.
  • Roll-out ? a wide-scale project related to modernization, closure and opening of new branches. The implementation consists in the installation of IT equipment, direct coordination and supervision of works affecting the IT system. The project coordinator is responsible for the acceptance of work carried out in the facilities by other subcontractors.
  • MSI – conversion of applications using PowerShell for migration to Windows 10 – about 150. Current maintenance and reporting.
  • Windows 10 ? migration of the operating system – 3500 client terminals in the two Bank’s central offices.
  • Systematically patch applications for critical security updates.

Projects implemented in cooperation with Arcus:

  • Office Printing Solutions – on-site support for Kyocera hardware and MyQ applications. The entire process is carried out by an experienced team operating in both HQ’s.
  • Current maintenance in two headquarters and about 400 field units.
  • Execution of additional services such as IMAC HW (installations and hardware deinstallations) and IMAC SW (update central MyQ management application).

Project implemented in cooperation with Atende:

  • Access Point ? carrying out work related to replacement of the currently installed Access Points for new Cisco devices in two Bank’s HQs – over 200 units.

Millennium Leasing

Millennium Leasing is supported by MINDNOW in the field of data security. We manage your copies and guarantee safe data storage.



The framework service agreement for Sescom’s customers guarantees the service of approximately 500 locations throughout the country for such companies as Douglas, Mango, Orsay, 4F, CCC and Parfois. Within the range of our competence is servicing of workstations, MFP and MFD, faxes, fiscal printers, network equipment. In addition, we are responsible for opening new branches of our customers along with the installation of IT equipment.

SZB – Systemy Zabezpieczeń Bankowych

As part of our cooperation with SZB, we have a permanent service contract for the processing of orders in the field of night-time launcher repairs, transfer safes, cash register and teller dispensers. We serve about 250 branches of PKO BP, ING Bank Ślaąki, BGZ BNP Paribas, mBank, Cooperative Bank and IMPEL located in the Mazowieckie, Podlaskie, Pomorskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie.


In cooperation with Microsoft, we implemented Office 365 and then conducted training in the field of operating a new solution for Jeronimo Martins Polska employees.


Together with Prosonic, we carry out a project of support for users and service of cash management systems in the shops of the Biedronka.


Together with Documatica, we carried out a project of user support and cash management system service in the shops of the Lidl and Biedronka.


At present, we provide specialists as part of long-term cooperation for clients from the banking sector.

? For the needs of BGZ BNP Paribas project support, Mindnow engineer performs tasks in the area of LAN administration, supervision over proper operation and diagnostics of telecommunication and network equipment problems, support for users in network related problems, basic management of Cisco call manager, as well as solving IP telephony problems.

? mBank – an experienced manager runs a roll-out project related to the modernisation, closure and creation of new branches. The implementation involves direct coordination, supervision and acceptance of works carried out in the facilities by all subcontractors.

? Project management – a manager with many years of experience in the IT industry manages a group of large scale projects for clients from Algeria, the United Arab Emirates and China. His competences include business analysts, portfolio management of entrusted projects and practical use of modern IT technologies.

? As part of our short-term cooperation, we have provided support to two customers for the time of replacement of the person responsible for IT department management.